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 Welcome to Gambino Eye Care, where our staff is fluent in both English and Spanish. Download forms below and bring them with you for faster service.  

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You will find a full self-serve coffee and tea bar set up in our office - all for you to enjoy on the go, while you wait or just stopping in to say "Hi"!

What do you think about VST?

Testimonial Video on Vision Shaping Treatment

More about VST

VST Testimonial continued from Mom

What did you learn about VST?

What did you learn about VST video

"I love having the VST lenses! They are great for me as I am an athlete, since I don't have to worry about contacts during the day."


Carrie Austin Thursday, 10/12/17, 8:31 AM 

"Dr. Gambino is the best; thorough, pleasant, and efficient. I made my appointment and never had to wait. Thanks to Dr. Gambino and his fabulous staff!"  

Janet Glaser Sunday, 7/24/16, 9:51 AM

"That was very thorough and I didn't wait! I will never procrastinate on getting an eye exam again! I'm sending my father and friends there. Great location - right off the highway! Great Price, less than others for a really good exam."

What patients are saying about Dr. Gambino

"In 2011, at age 38, I woke up one morning and all I could see was a grey dot in my right eye. I called my former eye doctor. Was told it was an emergency, could be x, y, or z. When can I be seen? Oh we can't see you today. Wait? WHAT?!?!? Emergency yet can't be seen!?!?!? After frantically searching for someone on a Saturday I found Dr. Gambino. Please come in straight away. After looking me over, he said let me call someone I know, as this could be an emergency. That doctor in turn ran a bunch of tests, and at 38, I had cataracts. And because Dr. Gambino made time for me, I won't go anywhere else. The whole office is kind and treats you well. Office has permission to use my photo."

"Best eye doctor that I have ever dealt with! Friendly staff who are easy to work with!!! Thumbs up!!!!"


William Thiele Tuesday, 7/19/16, 4:44 PM   

"This was a very great eyecare visit! The staff was very nice, caring, and emphatic about us being here and Dr. Gambino was very knowledgable. I was blown away by the amount of technology in the office and how updated everything was!"        

John Trautschold Tuesday, 7/12/16, 5:46 PM    

"Hello, just stopping in to have my wife's eyes examined."

Print and complete these forms and bring them to your appointment. 

Gambino Eye Care New Patient Form - Page1 (pdf)


Gambino Eye Care New Patient Form - Page2 (pdf)


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